Dear Doggy,
You deserve the best.
Dear Doggy will provide you with whatever your heart desires, and the best of it. No longer will you be relegated to the common, but rather elevated to the unique. Let your individuality shine – in style.

Brand Essence

Man’s best friend often becomes lost in the abundance of typical and is not afforded the same luxuries as their human counterparts, nor the opportunity for individual expression. Dear Doggy’s mission is to provide dogs with lifestyle products and accessories that transcend the traditional barriers of distinction between human and dog and extend the style and sophistication of man to their four-legged counterparts.

Architectural theory and design has inspired the modern and unique designs of all Dear Doggy products. From the stylish accessories to the hand-dyed leashes, what you and your furry friend get from Dear Doggy is a luxurious lifestyle and inspiration for the expression of each doggy’s uniqueness and individuality.