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The Sailor Scarf – Blue

The Sailor Scarf – Blue

$40 $30

Scarf Collection

X-Small – Designed for Necks 7″ to 12″
Regular – Designed for Necks 12″ to 15″
Large – Designed for Necks 15″ to 19″


Handcrafted in Los Angeles

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  • Description

    Product Description

    “All aboard!!!” Once on the yacht, one must be styled for anything. Whether it be a meeting at the water bowl or gazing into the distance from the deck, your Dear Doggy will look appropriate in The Sailor.

    Pair it with one of our Mariners Collection leashes to be fully prepared for a day at sea.

    Handcrafted in Los Angeles

    The Sailor Scarf (Adjustable)
    Available in Blue and White or Black and White
    XS- Designed for necks under 12″
    -1″ width
    RG- Designed for necks 12″ to 15″
    -2″ width
    LG- Designed for necks 15″ to 19″
    -3″ width