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The University of Southern California

Bow Ties and Bandanas

The University of Southern California has one of the most recognizable color schemes of all the colleges in the United States, so Dear Doggy was thrilled when we received the challenge to create custom pieces for the pet section in the university bookstore! With free range to find the most interesting and captivating prints in the school colors, we were able to design multiple pieces for them.

For the bow ties, there is a striped version for the Dear Doggy who is all Marshall (all about the business) and a playful hawaiian version for the energetic party animal who struts their stuff at all of the football tailgates. Each bow tie comes with one of our genuine leather collars or a reversible bandana. The bandanas have a solid gold print on one side for everyday wear and on the other is the cardinal and gold tiki print that has become a staple of USC fashion.

We also designed custom packaging for USC that would best fit within their store layout and display system.

Order Here From USC Bookstore



Marbella Modern Boys Club

Bow Ties

Our first exclusive bow ties were designed for Marbella Modern Boys Club. Created as an online retailer for mens fashion accessories, they were thrilled to incorporate a pets club into their online store. When they reached out for us to design two custom bow ties in addition to the other pieces from the Dear Doggy line that they were carrying, they knew they needed a camo print for their shop. Their camo bow tie is full of deep greens that stand to look good on every doggy, especially Trigger (pictured above).

We also designed a red plaid bow tie for Marbella Modern using a very breathable guaze cotton fabric to give a super light-weight feel to compliment the excitement that permeates from the pattern. You can get these exclusives along with a Dear Doggy genuine leather collar directly from the Marbella Modern Boys Club website!

Order Here From Marbella Modern



Dog Bar

All Natural Gourmet Treats

The Dog Bar in South Beach,FL contacted us to create designer dog treats for their store that would bear their brand logo. Once our in house doggies gave the paws up on the recipe, we moved forward with the creation of two exclusive flavors. The first flavor is Blueberry Mounds, which is infused with delicious fruits to provide pooches with antioxidants in every bite. The second flavor we created was the PB Chicken Krispies. No doggy can resist the combination of peanut butter and chicken!!! In bite sized shapes, the treats are easy to handle and distribute to any sweet pooch.

The treats were packaged in reusable jars like the original Dear Doggy treat line to ensure freshness and minimize packaging waste. We designed bright color coded labels to make flavors easily identifiable for repurchase.